Who are we in the Lehigh Valley as to race and economics? How is that changing, and how does this inform civic-minded clubs and individuals?

Sharon Brown has spent a career advocating for minority student populations, at Lehigh, Moravian, and most recently at East Stroudsburg University, and is highly qualified to speak to their unique challenges.
The topic is particularly of interest to Rotary Clubs, who struggle to attract a membership that reflects the make-up of their communities. 
Sharon provided an overview of Demographics from 2018 for Lehigh and Northampton counties. Significant changes noted were:
Increased ethnic diversity
Increase in religious communities
More ethnic and diverse restaurants
Increase in language diversity
Increased presence of LGBTQ community
Greater inclusion in community events
Increase in small minority owned businesses
There are very real Barriers to continued development:
Lack of awareness
Inability to examine with a critical lens
Inability to challenge structural barriers
Unwillingness to examine one's own biases and beliefs (both conscious and unconscious)
Conscious silence - take action as an individual
Prime example: there many, many non profit boards in our communities which do not reflect the reality of the organizations they guide. 
Conscious silence must be overcome. 
A willingness to explore the field of different flowers.
Close, well-seasoned friends,
Sharon Brown and MSR's Janet Sipple
Thank you Sharon for a most enlightening program!
We look forward to working with you in the future.