Our July 19th meeting was the annual Camp Neidig update with input from our MSR support team, the incomparable Rick Morrissey and Charlie Incalcaterra.
Rick has been our ace recruiter for a number of years seeking out appropriate high school juniors to be scholar campers sponsored by Morning Star. He spoke to how students begin the process of getting to know one another even in the time it takes to drive down to the camp. Bonding starts.

An official Camp Neidig Highlight video was shown. YouTube Video for camp neidig▶ 4:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0hPz8GqwFk.  Enjoy!
Next Charlie, (seasoned District Camp Co-Director) reprised the speech he gave at the end of Camp, encouraging the students to seek out and talk to their political representatives to voice their views and have an impact in Harrisburg and Washington. After all, they will be able to vote next year!

The highlight of the event was camper Mariah Nagle, Cheryl Baker’s daughter, who told us about learning how to lead by listening (rather than talking loudly over others) and the close connections forged in just a few days together. Watch and listen closely to see how this self-avowed introvert evolved from “why did I come to this god awful place” to someone with a whole lot of new friends who learned the best way to lead is to listen, communicate and talk to people. As Rick summed it up “Mariah GETS IT!!!”  See Mariah'sTransformation here.
Congratulations Mariah. All your friends at Morning Star are so very happy for you.