Last Thursday, April 19, we celebrated Maternal & Child Health Month. Isa Sanchez was named the recipient of the First Audrey Rafferty Memorial Scholarship.
Isa and Audrey had a very special relationship which developed through the Nurse-Family Partnership.
NFP is free for women who are pregnant with their first baby. When you enroll you will be connected to a registered nurse who will provide the support, advice and information needed to have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and be a great mom.
Audrey and Isa connected and really lit a fire in each other. Isa gave birth to a baby boy who is now a 15 year-old young man and wonderful source of pride to his mother and family. Isa has completed her GED, achieved an Associate’s Degree, and is pursuing her degree in Nursing. She currently is an Administrative Coordinator in the NFP as she continues to grow.
Isa has also earned her own home through the Habitat for Humanity. In describing herself as a “go getter!” this appears to be quite the understatement.
Isa is an example of how the NFP has been an effective program for over 15 years. It serves over 250 families per year and has documented proof that it works. Although state supported, the support level has remained flat for 15 years. The success of the program reflects the continual professional, dedicated efforts of its management who constantly pursue grant funding to support the continued success of NFP.
We may want to keep this program in our “TOMA” – Top Of Mind Awareness – as we go forward with our community support efforts. There have been many instances where the seemingly small things have had a tremendous impact, e.g. providing the $50 fee to take a GED test successfully and the very powerful positive impact on the woman's future earnings ability for her and her family.
l to r: Isa Sanchez, Administrative Coordinator, NFP
Dr. Janet Sipple, MSR & St. Luke's
Tina Wida, Program Manager, NFP
Cheryl Baker, President MSR
Tiffany Grabinski, Program Manager, NFP
Ellie Fenner, retired NFP Nurse Home Visitor
Kelly berk, Director of Maternal-Child Health Initiatives SLUHN
Janet Kolepp, MSR PE & DGN