Our speaker on Thursday was Amy Miller Cohen, our newest member. Amy, though new to Morning Star Rotary, qualifies as a “seasoned Rotarian” having been in the Downtown Rotary Club for many years. She was the wife of Bob Cohen, a long time Bethlehem Rotarian whom we sadly lost in the recent past. Fortunately for us, Ellen Roberts sensed that Amy was ready to bring her wonderful enthusiasm back into Rotary and asked her to join Morning Star.
Amy, or Dr. Cohen, earned her Ph.D. from Columbia University and has a psychology practice in Bethlehem for many years. In addition, currently she has been busy with editing the first book of Bob’s poems.
Amy is also a SOULCOLLAGE Facilitator. This is a process through which you contact your intuition and create an incredible deck of cards which deep personal meaning and which will help you with life’s questions. She has an excellent PowerPoint presentation available and with all her enthusiasm will be happy to share this new and fascinating approach to helping individuals.
A warm Morning Star welcome to our new and quite unique family member!
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