Did you know 43 years ago what would become Godfrey Daniels was in fact a donut shop? Alex Radus, Chair of Development Committee, gave us a historical perspective on Godfrey Daniels and how it evolved to where it is today. Alex is a second generation GD guy thanks to his Uncle Doug. He is an award winning singer/songwriter and frequent performer at Godfreys.

Godfrey Daniels mission is to create and nurture the appreciation of traditional and contemporary folk music and performing arts by providing an intimate environment where professional artists, amateur performers and audience members will be enriched by the unique experience of live performance.

It provides wonderful rare access to the performers. They are also doing more outreach to younger children to provide exposure to the beauty of traditional and contemporary folk music.
Plan to attend an event there in the near future. Come early to see the ‘wall art’ depicting the many famous artists which have performed there over the years. Visit their website godfreydaniels.org for a wealth of information and upcoming performances. All shows are advance sale only. A real opportunity to enjoy professional artists up close and personal.
Thank you, Alex, for a very educational presentation and the “live music” even if you referenced the Steelers in the lyrics!
Live performance of  "You Are My Sunshine" by Godfrey Daniel's Alex Radus accompanied by Amy Cohen on kazoo!