Posted on Apr 18, 2018
2018-19 Strategic Plan Update
In February of 2017 a group of Morning Star Rotarians met and created a strategic plan for our club.  This plan is available on our website for you to review.
On April 14th,  we met  again to review and update this plan. This plan is not a president's plan, or a board's plan.  This plan is designed to represent the vision and mission of the entire club. 
Take-aways from the meeting included: 1) establishing two groups - member and community awareness  to establish objectives and plans; 2) share meeting outcome with the club - targeted for the Changeover Meeting on 6/28/18; and 3) organizing a projects group and meeting before the end of June.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the process. The inputs, ideas and perspectives put forth will continue to make us a strong sustainable club.
As the last question of the Member Satisfaction Survey result showed us - we are all proud of our Morning Star Rotary Club.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Janet Kolepp
President Elect