We had our annual meeting at Traditions of Hanover February 20, 2020. Our hosts, Executive Director Cathy Heimsoth and Marketing Director Megan Sedlock gave an update on Traditions.
Cathy Heimsoth            Megan Sedlock
Executive Director        Marketing Director
Key Points
Mission and philosophy of Traditions is closely aligned with Rotary
Independent living focused on the quality of life
Very young “mindset”
Currently 123 residents ranging in age from 72 – 101. Sized for ‘family feel’
70% women/ 30% men (as referenced by Rick Santee and Rod Seifert, from Top Gun “a target rich environment”)
Advocates for seniors throughout the community on what is best for the individual
Family atmosphere throughout
Units are monthly rentals which you furnish to your taste
Special thanks to the folks at Traditions of Hanover for sponsoring this event!