Jan 30, 2020 7:30 AM
Rick Morrissey, MSR Membership Chair
Morning Star Membership Growth Part II

For Jan 23, Rick Morrissey is putting together a Membership Committee program and going over the plan for our (max 1 minute) “Rotary elevator speech” contest on Jan 30.  These two meetings will be centered around enhancing mindfulness about Rotary in our daily lives, and the sharing/capturing of member’s collective Rotary experiences, motivations for joining and staying in the club, and potential new approaches to recruitment techniques.  There’s so much to know about Rotary that many find it difficult to answer the simple questions “What is Rotary?”, or “why did you join?” or “why have you stayed a member for so long?” in a very short, interest provoking manner.  Collaboration among our more experienced members in particular, to share soft selling tidbits, personal approaches to recruiting that have worked for them, etc. should be interesting, entertaining, and educational for us all.