Sep 28, 2017
No One Dies Alone
Fr Tim Hasenecz & Wenda Boyer

No one is born alone, and it’s our hope that no one dies alone. If your loved one is at one of our sites and nearing the end of life, he or she will not be alone. If you cannot be there because you live out of the area or are unable to physically get to the hospital for some reason, you can be comforted knowing our No One Dies Alone volunteers will be there.

We realize there may be times when you are unable to be at the hospital with your loved one, or you and your family members might need respite and time for yourselves. We will do our best to honor requests to sit with your loved one until you can return to the hospital.

Under the direction of Father Timothy Hasenecz, volunteers are specially educated in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of dying.