Posted by Bob Elser on Nov 14, 2017

Logos Academy

On November 7, 2017, Otto Monroy spoke to the Club about Logos Academy and its goals and achievements.  Logos Academy is a faith-based Christian school focused on classical education and bringing educational opportunities to disadvantaged students.  He spoke of the disparity in graduation rates between white and black students in the public school system, 75% vs 54%, and of the large difference in reading skills between black and white public school students: black students in 12th grade read, on average, at an 8th grade level. 
Left: President Tom Kelley and Otto Monroy
Logos Academy was founded in 1998 by two local women who saw the need to improve educational opportunities for children of color.  It is a private, faith-based school which now boasts a curriculum extending from K-12 for 261 students.    It has been successful in its objectives: its students are on a par with National SAT scores and the academic achievement “gap” has been closed at Logos.  Its average class size is 14 and the cost to educate a student is 75% of the cost in the public school system.