Rotary Club of Wayne Established in 1922


Speaker Date Topic
Night Meeting at the Wayne Museum Feb 27, 2018
Dr Ghulam Qadir/ running State Senator see below Mar 06, 2018
psychiatrist for Apex Behavioral Health

Dr. Ghulam Qadir as our speaker at the Rotary meeting
on March 6.  He is a friend of Al Haidous and is running for state
senate in the 7th District.  Patrick Colbeck is the current state
senator, and Colbeck is running for governor.  I told Dr. Qadir that we
are non-political and he is not to compaign.  So he will talk about
himself and the work he does as a psychiatrist for Apex Behavioral Health.


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Richard Bernstein Mar 20, 2018
Bernstein law firm
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