Capt. Kevin Johnson, who runs the Salvation Army in Lynn, is really something special.   He only has 3 full time employees the rest are volunteers.  He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Lynn.
He only has been in Lynn for about 2 years.  When he and his wife came to Lynn they knew nobody.  He started the Covid-19 food bank from scratch, about a month ago and now he is giving out 100’s of boxes of food daily.  As you may know he has just reached the 10,000th box.  He has managed to involve a huge number of volunteers, many of them officials in the City of Lynn.  He started this program from scratch and look where it is now in the middle of April.  As many of you know, in the time before the Coronavirus, he made the Salvation Army HQ’s available for the monthly food distribution which many Lynn Rotarians are an integral part of.  

The Captain has done a magnificent job. He should get some recognition from our Rotary District and maybe Rotary International.