I thought I’d let the Lynn Rotary Club members know that the PB&J brigade for My Brother’s Table continues.  Many of the slots through early May have already been reserved for various volunteers to make sandwiches.  However, if you want to get in on the making of sandwiches, slots are available.  Just click on the following link and you can see what is open.
I know that the following Club members, and friends, have served in the PB&J brigade:  Steve and Linda Upton, Ray and Mackie Bastarache, Bill and Diane Reilly, Pattie Capano, and friend of the Rotary Judy McNiff.  There may have been others that I’m not aware of, if so please let me know.  And if you made cookies for the table, please let me know.  I’m also aware that several members have donated part of their stimulus funds to the Table and perhaps other organizations.  I want to thank them as well.
The pictures below show the Upton’s Dining room table repurposed to a PB&J production line, and president Reilly hard at work bagging the finished product.  All of us are available for private sessions in the art of making Brown Bag Lunches. 
And stay safe.