On September 7, 2019 Camp Rotary hosted a dinner for over 250 guests in celebration of the last meal in the original dining hall, built in 1921.  Several Members of the Lynn Rotary Club, legal owners of Camp Rotary, were included as guests of honor.  The original dining hall is scheduled for demolition the week of September 9th to make way for a new and expanded hall. The new hall will be ready for the opening day of Rotary Camp in 2020.
Rich Cowdell, the Camp Director for over 30 years, was the Master of Ceremonies for the event.  He recognized many of the former campers, some were campers in the 1950’s, and he also recognized many of the dedicated staff members.  Some staff members have been with the club in excess of 20 years.  The event officially called, Dine One Last Time, was a combination fund raiser and a celebration of nearly 100 years using the dining hall. Present and former Campers performed a couple of short skits for the guests.
Bill Reilly, President of the Lynn Club, was asked to say a few words.  He pointed out a plaque over the entrance door, which reads: “The dining hall materials brought here by oxen cart from Lynn Massachusetts, in eight days.  Main hall constructed in 1921”.  That was a great deal of lumber, over many unpaved roads.  See picture of plaque below.  He also thanked Brian Magrane, the President of Camp Rotary Board of Directors,  and Rich Cowdell for inviting the Lynn Club and for running the event and the camp for many many years.  Bill mentioned that between 30,000 and 40,000 campers dined in the hall since 1921.  That’s a lot of burgers and dogs!
The pictures below show Lynn Club Members, Steve Upton, Ray Bastarache, Bill Reilly, and their wives, Linda, Mackie, and Diane.  Jim Harris the President of Camp Rotary is pictured with Diane Reilly.