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Our volunteers are amazing people!  Meet Susie ... not only is she helping us with manning the Tree of Joy, but she also kindly made the beautiful red tablecloth, which is a new addition to our stand this year!  Susie is a former member of the Rotary Club of St Ives and comes back to help us out for special occasions.  Always so good to see you Susie!
Spread the joy of Christmas! Be sure to visit the Rotary Club of St Ives Tree of Joy at St Ives Shopping Village this coming week and leading right up to Christmas. The way it works is community members collect a card off the tree , with the name of a resident in a nursing home, and their request for a gift. The community buy the gift for them and return it to the Tree of Joy stand gift wrapped and with the card attached. The Rotary Club of St Ives will ensure the gifts are delivered to the residents before Christmas.
Befitting we share an interview with Wal Edwards OAM, aged 103 talking about his life on Remembrance Day.  At age 104 years this month Wal has so much wisdom to share. 
Copy the URL and watch the video interview with James Griffin MP - soak in the words - be inspired! 
Wal Edwards OAM 103 year old Australian Military Veteran. The Rotary Club of St Ives is holding a birthday celebration for Wal on Wednesday 25 November ... as you can tell from this interview Wal is still involved in the Rotary Club of St Ives Tree of Joy which opens at St Ives Shopping Centre later this month.  
Video Link: https://www.sevenmile.org.au/blog/interview-with-wal-edwards-oam-103-year-old-australian-military-veteran
We believe our Wal Edwards just may be a world record breaker ... as the eldest active Rotarian ... we are going to do some research to find out if this is so!  Watch this space. Anyway Wal will be turning 104 years young on 22nd November and we are hoping he and Joan will join in celebration of his wonderful life and the immense impact he has had on all who know him.
We will get to hear from Alex Gibbs about the story of this family run business of  handcrafted and bottled beer by the Gibbs Brothers.  They  have an obsession with boutique beer and the use of  high quality raw ingredients and expertise in brewing creates a unique premium beer. A night not to miss and remember to let your family and friends know to join us - more details to come.
We raised $1,294.53 selling 670 sausages and a great quantity of drinks before the weather forecast came to pass with the heavens breaking out with a good old thunder storm. It great seeing Matt experiencing his first Rotary BBQ and ex members Christiane and Judy Gordon returning to help out! So thanks to all those who helped and it seemed enjoy the day and had some fun in doing so.  Photo below shows: Lyndall Pearson, Harold Morgan, Matt Cross, Greg Rappo, Christiane Berlioz, John Steel and Tim England.
To acknowledge the good work of teachers on World Teachers Day ten schools in St Ives received a basket apples for staff.  Over 500 teachers in primary and secondary schools in St Ives munched on apples thanks to the generosity of Fita Fruita and the initiative of the Rotary Club of St Ives Club. 
We are very grateful for the support of Fita Fruita who donated the apples.  Be sure to let them know how wonderful they are in supporting this community event next time you are in there picking up the best quality fruit available on the North Shore.
The recipients of the Pride of Workmanship Awards were impressive and reminds of just how significant it is to building a better Australia when we “Do it once and Do it well”.  We had a fabulous evening at Canisius House where our four worth recipients received their Pride of Workmanship Award.  Special thanks to our Vocational Director Murray Lennon who organised the Pride of Workmanship Awards.

Many adults around the world remember these scenes of thousands of children in wheel chairs, calipers, and in iron lungs.  Many adults around the world had their lives permanently changed as a result of contracting polio.  It was a terrible illness. No child today need worry about polio!




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If you would like to visit our club or are thinking of joining a Rotary club, please come to one of our regular meetings, just let us know two days in advance so that we can organise catering for you. 
We meet on Wednesday evenings at the Peter Canisius House, 102 Mona Vale Rd Pymble at 6.30 pm, with the formal part of the meeting starting at 7.00 pm.  We usually finish at 8.30 pm. We have a two course dinner. 
The cost of dinner is $35 per person.  Please send an email to attend@stivesrotary.asn.au if you would like to attend a meeting. Our Club Secretary, will confirm your attendance.

The Rotary Club of St Ives welcomes Corporate Sponsors who would like to promote their businesses and help us with our service projects and charitable activities.  This website is visited by our members and the general public hundreds of times per month, and provides ongoing name recognition and contact details for our sponsors.
Sponsorship also includes advertising placement in our weekly newsletter, The Waratah, and in our public activities.
The "Silver Sponsor" package is $500 per year.
The "Gold Sponsor" package, costing $1000 per year. 
To apply for sponsorship, please click here for the application form, and send it back to the address indicated.
Letter from Lyndall
Wishing everyone a very happy Australia Day and we hope you’ll enjoy spending some of your day with your St Ives Rotary Club Mates
“We are one, but we are many
And from all the lands on earth we come
We share a dream and sing with one voice:
I am, you are, we are Australian”
On Tuesday 26th January we are celebrating Australia Date with Mates at the St Ives Show ground. What better way than to be enjoying this special day sitting under the gumtrees, chatting with mates, cooking a snag on the BBQ and enjoying a drumstick. Bring your family, friends and dogs.
We meet in area 4 which is on the far side of main oval, north side. I’ll take a small tent, a portable BBQ, and a trestle table. 
Please bring your own food, drinks, chair, sunscreen and insect repellent. It is predicted to be on the warm side so be aware. 
Note: The main oval will be closed from 2 pm as Ku ring gai Council organisers prepare for a FREE Australia Day Drive-in screening of the recently released Aussie movie “Go! The Ku ring gai Council event is from 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm
Entrepreneur Harold would like to invite you to his place this Thursday evening for a brainstorming session for Fund raising ideas for filling the Club’s coffers. This is a great way to get involved in your Club and share your ideas Please go along to Harold’s home and share your ideas or send them through to Harold or me. Everyone is welcome
Matt Cross is well underway preparing for our Youth evening at the Avondale Golf Club on the 24th February. We have a special guest speaker Hugh Burns from the Rotary Club of Wahroonga speaking on The Future of the Workforce. In these rapidly changing times, it will be very interesting to hear Hugh’s views on this topic. We will also meet our National Youth Science Forum candidates and hear about their experiences. Thank you Matt for your efforts.
Our next Board meeting is on Wednesday 3rd February at 6.30 pm. 
Have a great week - Aussie   Aussie   Aussie   Oi   Oi   Oi

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