Here is the first of our weekly brain teasers, shared at our meeting and offered here for your consideration and entertainment:
Arrange five cups or glasses on a table, three in a vertical line and then two horizontally to the right, forming an L shape.
The three cups lined up vertically each have some juice (or any liquid) in them, and the other two are empty.
The objective is to rearrange this set so that every other cup has juice. So, from top to bottom, and then from bottom left to right, it should go juice… empty… juice … empty… juice.
The rule is, you can touch or move only one cup.
Our Tuesday gathering solved this in under a minute. Ready... Set...
Pick up the filled cup in the middle, and pour it into the empty cup on the far right.
Remember, the riddle says you can touch or move only one cup, so most people think about rearranging the cups in their existing form – filled with juice, or empty. It doesn’t occur to most of us to empty the contents of one cup into another.