On our May 29th meeting Naz Hasham gave a presentation on the Aga Khan Foundation Canada's World Partnership Walk, which is being held on the Legislature grounds on June 9th.
Naz Hasham grew up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the oldest of seven sisters.  Her family of nine's accommodations in Dar es Salaam was the equivalent of a bachelor apartment.  Still, their living situation was better than that of many she witnessed first-hand during her upbringing. Her directorship with the World Partnership Walk is one of the many volunteer activities she has immersed herself in to affect positive change locally and globally.  
The Aga Khan Foundation Canada was initiated by people who came from East Africa and were eager to dedicate some of their relative good fortune to alleviating poverty in developing areas of Africa and Asia.  Their first World Partnership Walk was held in 1985 in Vancouver and has become an annual event in 10 cities, including Edmonton. Since that first event  teams set up by schools, workplaces and community groups have raised more than 100 million dollars throughout Canada, mostly through fundraising activities leading up to the walk itself. The proceeds from these events have funded over 180 initiatives in 15 countries, reducing poverty and improving the quality of life for millions.
There is still time to participate in this year's event.  For more information go to https://www.worldpartnershipwalk.com/en/walk-cities/edmonton