Rotary Club of Edmonton Whyte Avenue members Michelle & Enyinnah Okere joined us to talk about a new non-profit that they have started called the REET Institute.

The REET Institute teaches students about financial literacy and commercial real estate. The REET Institute will partner with corporations, schools, and non-profits to deliver training using a blend of e-learning, live courses, and hands-on experience. REET leverages a practical learning approach where students work with industry professionals and executives to evaluate live deals. These deals are located within their respective communities and students are then required to present them in a pitch competition to industry leaders. Students emerge from the program with the skills, confidence, experiences and networks that prepare them to secure a strong first job and to become stakeholders in their community. Michelle and Enyinnah are particularly interested in promoting diversity and inclusion in the commercial real estate sector and hope to engage youth from diverse and marginalized backgrounds to participate in this training. You can learn more by visiting their website at this link: REET Institute – Welcome to our institute.

Thank you for sharing your exciting new venture with us Michelle & Enyinnah!