It was inspiring to hear the stories of just a few of the nearly 500 persons living with disabilities who now have rewarding jobs thanks, in part, to the Rotary Employment Partnership (R.E.P).
Wendy McDonald, Chief Operating Officer of Inclusion Alberta, shared her experiences, both professionally and as a parent of a child with a developmental disability, at last Tuesday's meeting.
Wendy also led us through a simple exercise to help identify those persons within our own spheres that might benefit from participating in R.E.P. as an employer.
The partnership has proven to be highly beneficial to employers, providing them with a pool of carefully matched candidates that has repeatedly led them to discover exceptional employees that otherwise might have been completely overlooked. If you want to hear some inspirational stories of the success on all sides of the R.E.P equation, you can read the whole story and view a really moving video on their website.
As the Partnership closes in on its 500 job placement, it's important that Rotary continue to actively support this important initiative. Contact Wendy McDonald to learn how you can be a part of the Rotary Employment Partnership.