On Tuesday, November 16, we had Past District 5370 Governor and Canadian Intermediary for Project Amigo Canada Society, Elly Contreras-Vermeulen, join our meeting as our speaker live from Colima Mexico. Elly provided an update on the work that Project Amigo is doing and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their efforts. Project Amigo Canada Society helps lift youth out of poverty through education and focuses on supporting youth of lower income families in Suchitlan, Colima, Mexico. 
For the past three years, the Whyte Avenue Rotary Club has been sponsoring a student through Project Amigo, and at the meeting we got a chance to meet Miguel via Zoom and to ask him questions. Miguel is in Grade 6 and loves Spanish class, reading, playing basketball, and his favourite food is pizza. It was wonderful to make the connection with Miguel. One of our members, Marilyn Mucha, will be participating in a Project Amigo volunteer week this winter, so we will soon get to learn more about Project Amigo and Miguel through her volunteer experience. To learn more about Project Amigo Canada Society, click here