Last week was the first of three meetings focusing on who we are as a club, the role we want to play in our community, and how we tell our story.
It was an informative evening led by Kristin Jennings, who outlined the benefits of clearly defining these critical elements.
Kristin highlighted that the people we interact with will remember how we made them feel, more than what we said or did. This one concept set the stage for the entire evening.
Steve McRory gave an overview of communications planning, and how developing our plan will allow us to tell our story with greater impact.
Stan Bissell gave us a founding member's perspective, reviewing our club's 8-year history and leading us through some fun Rotary trivia.
The evening's discussions included the nature of service, our unique vision for Whyte Avenue Rotary service, and how service impacts our community.
These conversations will serve as the foundation for our next Club Identity meeting, Tuesday, May 1st.
Thanks to all that participated, and for those that were unable to attend, please join us in May and add your voice to the discussion.