Speaker Date Topic
Sean Price Dec 19, 2017
University of Alberta Alumni Association
No regular club meeting Jan 02, 2018

We are taking a break from our regular meeting for the holidays - enjoy spending time with your family and loved ones. Happy Holidays! 

Wendy Andrews Jan 09, 2018
Belize Playground Project
Belize Playground Project

Wendy Andrews, Chair of District 5370 Playground Committee, Rotary Club of Edmonton Glenora will be speaking to our club about the Belize Playground Project. 

What: Canadian Municipal Playgrounds that are in good shape and destined for the landfill are obtained and refurbished by the Emmanuel Foundation and made available to Rotary Clubs for their projects around the World.


Who:  Rotary Clubs in District 5370 work with Rotary Clubs around the World, with a focus in Belize and Honduras, to determine where the playgrounds should be built in any given year.  The Rotary and Interact Clubs of Canada and Belize work together to install and paint the playgrounds and work with the children, families and communities in the development of play leadership skills.


Learn more about the project at: https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50012/stories/interested-in-building-playgrounds-in-belize 

Patrick Gibson Jan 16, 2018
Kiva Micro-Finance Program

Patrick will speaking to our club about Kiva, a Micro-Finance Program used by some Rotary clubs in the district. You can learn more about Kiva on their webste: https://www.kiva.org 

Stan Bissell Jan 30, 2018
Who's Who

Join us as we learn about the vocation and life of of one of our members: Stan! 

Kathy Strobl and Kristin Jennings Feb 13, 2018
Let's Talk About Advanced Care Planning

Come join us as two of our members, Kathy and Kristin talk about some of the components of Advanced Care Planning. We will bust some myths surrounding, and hope to normalize: Power of Attorneys, Personal Directives and Goals of Care. 

Paige Reeves Feb 27, 2018
Rotary Employment Partnership
Rotary Employment Partnership


One of our members, Paige Reeves, will speaking to our club about the Rotary Employment Partnership (REP). 

"Inclusion Alberta and Rotary Clubs work in partnership to:

  • Create real jobs -- Rotary Clubs and members will work in partnership with Inclusion Alberta and the Government of Alberta to develop jobs for people with developmental disabilities within the business community. Together we explore the possibility of creating genuine and meaningful employment opportunities. Inclusion Alberta and the Government of Alberta link employers to potential employees with developmental disabilities. Inclusion Alberta and the Government of Alberta also provide the resources, expertise and on-the-job supports to ensure a successful outcome. Through the partnership, employers and employees will learn how to sustain and facilitate the successful inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in the workforce. Each Rotary Club partner sets its own commitment as to how many people with developmental disabilities they would hope to see employed during the course of the partnership.  Individual Rotary members may also consider the possibility of creating an employment opportunity for a person with developmental disabilities. Through this initiative there is the potential for Rotary Clubs and members to directly and personally make a powerful and wonderful difference in the life of a person with developmental disabilities.
  • Share the dream -- Rotary Clubs, in partnership with Inclusion Alberta and the Government of Alberta, through their community involvement and commitment, promote the employment of people with developmental disabilities. The highly respected community voice of Rotary are coupled with the voices of families who have sons and daughters with developmental disabilities.  The community needs to learn more about the potential of people with developmental disabilities and the value of creating real jobs.  The partnership develops resource materials (e.g., print ads, posters, brochures, radio ads, etc.) to be shared with the business and broader community through a variety of media.  These collaboratively developed public awareness materials highlight Rotary Clubs’ commitment to the employment of people with developmental disabilities."

Learn more about REP at: http://inclusionalberta.org/partnerships-projects/rotary-employment-partnerships-overview/ 

Steve McRory and Saiyed Jaffer Mar 06, 2018
Who's Who

Join us as we learn about the vocations and lives of of two of our members: Steve and Saiyed! 

Michael Greaney and Lauren Emery Apr 10, 2018
Who's Who

Join us as we learn about the vocation and lives of two of our newer members: Mike and Lauren. 

Gem Munro Apr 17, 2018
Amarok Society

Gem Munro will speak about how Amarok Society provides education to the poorest children in the city slums of Bangladesh and Pakistan in a unique way; rather than opening schools for children, we teach their mothers. Each mother then becomes a neighbourhood teacher, allowing Amarok Society to economically reach far more children than with the traditional school model. In particular, Gem will speak to the social impact of education and the lives of the women who are transforming their communities.