Brent Pollari, Women's Basketball Coach at Wayne State Colege was our speaker on August 28.  He grew up in Bozeman, MT. After working at various coaching jobs following getting is BA degree he became a grad assistant at Northern State University.  It was there he met Don Meyer.  Although assisting with the women's basketball team he would spend a lot of time watching and learning from the legendary coach.  He learned mostly how to be a servant leader.  He told a lot of examples how to do that by telling us stories about Coach Don and himself.  One of the ways he gets his girls' team members to become closer is having a session with all the team and have each tell about their heroes, hardships and highlights.  He said that brings forth a lot of laughter and tears as well.  Pollari believes a coach such as himself is there to help and serve people.  He also stated the country now seems in great need of servant leaders.