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Since 2007, 4164 dictionaries have been delivered to Wayne area schools by the Wayne Rotary Club.  
This year Darrell Miller, assisted by his wife Cynthia, delivered 343 dictionaries to 13 schools (20 public and 2 parochial classrooms) in 11 communities.
Since in-person deliveries were not possible, Wayne 3rd grade teachers provided these classroom photos.
On August 12, we heard from the Wayne Rotary Scholarship delegates to the Virtual World Affairs Seminar, June 22-24. Treyton Blecke, Jacob Kneifl, Taytum Sweetland, and Christopher Woerdemann shared why they went, what they gained, and what their futures hold. All of them were thankful for the opportunity, and said the seminar was 'better than expected' even with occasional challenges of internet connections, and juggling summer work and sports demands. All of them said that the topic, "Hunger - In a World of Plenty" intrigued them, and they learned so much they didn't know. 
Christopher started off saying he didn't intend to go - but can never say no to "Judge Ensz" - and enjoyed the diplomacy exercise the most, where he had been assigned to be the 'aggressor' in a simulated international crisis - but managed to become the negotiator, and resolved the conflict to everyone's agreement. Christopher is considering futures in law and/or music. 
Treyton said his favorite speaker was Jon Rubin from Pittsburg, who established a 'street restaurant' designed to bring people of many cultures and beliefs together for understanding and building friendship. The "Conflict Kitchen" challenges people to realize that fear can lead to hate, and eating together, learning about each other conquers fear and hate. Treyton would like to become an aerospace engineer. 
Jacob resonated with Dr. Rebekah Walker, an Endocrinologist who shared issues of food insecurity for people with Type I Diabetes. As Jacob himself has Type I diabetes, her talk was personal and profound. In fact Jacob's future goals aspire to being an Endocrinologist himself. 
Taytum was also attracted to the topic of Hunger in a World of Plenty, and is interested in studying Social Sciences and considering a career in Social Services. She said that though we were 'online' - which isn't as 'personal' as in person seminars, she was able to make a number of friends from California, Ohio, Wisconsin and even Nepal, where delegates live almost 12 hours away, and had to 'attend' sessions after midnight local time!
These remarkable delegates inspire confidence in the future as they consider global problems and solutions, aspiring to futures in law, social services, endocrinology and aerospace engineering. The future is in GOOD hands!
Wilma Moore was recognized as Rotarian of the Year by the Wayne Rotary Club.  Wilma was presented a plaque by Club President Gary Weddel during the July 29 club meeting.  Criteria for Rotarian of the Year include attending at least 60% of Club Meetings and Contributing to the Rotary Foundation, as well as completing at least 3 of the following, Chair a club event or help with at least two events, sponsor a new member, attend at least one club social gathering, host a foreign exchange student, attend the Annual District Conference.  
District Governor Roxy Orr visited Wayne on her tour of District 5650.  DG Orr and Area Governor Sherri Prim were guests of the Wayne Club at a Social held at the Birch Room.  Both attended the regular club meeting the next morning at 7 am at Tacos & More.  DG Orr shared her 3 main areas of focus for the coming year, Membership, Foundation Giving, and Public Image with the members gathered in person and via ZOOM.  it was also announced that the Wayne Club was recognized as #3 in the top 10 clubs in the District and the Vocational Service award for Medium Size Clubs for the Robotics Kits provided tothe new After School Program.
DG Orr was feated in the weekly trivia and subjected to a mind reading skit reminiscent of Carnac the Magnificent featuring Gary Weddel and Darrell Miller before being presented with the club's decorated version of a cement chicken.
Wayne Rotary will host the Annual Potato Bake and Pie Fundraiser on Sunday, February 9, 2020 from 11 am - 1 pm at the Wayne City Auditorium.  
Holly Doring was the speaker at our club meeting on October 2.  Holly is mother of 4 children and also a professional massage therapist.  She received her training in South Sioux City in 2011.  After 9 1/2 months of paperwork, she has received a license to start her own massage school which is called Serenity School of Massage Therapy located at 120 W. 2nd St. in Wayne.  She now has two students who will undergo 1000 hours of school (4 hours daily) that includes 320 clinical hours.  They will need to pass the state boards after schooling to practice.  She hopes to work up to 12 students at a time, but for now 7 or 8 will be a comfortable size.  She continues to do private practice as well.  Serenity students qualify for trade school financial aid.  A large part of massage is to manage and/or alleviate pain often working with chiropractors to relax muscles so they can better manipulate the patients back etc. 
Rusty Ruth, new member to our club but a Rotarian transfer from Spencer, IA club spoke to our club on September 25.  He is also director of the WSC Theater department and replaces the late Gwen Jensen.  While in Spencer he ran the community theater.  He and his family recently moved to Wayne and his wife is training to become a nurse.  He told us of the various plays the department is putting on this school year as well as a High School Drama Day Workshop (for 100 students) and children's class that writes and performs at schools.  He is also attending high school festivals.  The class offerings for a theater-based degree also prepares students for other professions (enhancing communication, collaborating, thinking outside the box skills).
Barbara Engebretsen was our program speaker on September 18.  She related that Rotary has opened the door to the world for her.  Her daughter Emma was a high school exchange student to Germany and they hosted an exchange student here during that time.  The World Affairs Seminar is another worldly event she has participated in also.  WSC international student, Buey Tut led to her securing a large Rotary global grant for water wells in South Sudan.  WSC World Study Exchange with students from Ethiopia and Nepal led to the Fulbright Scholarship and two 5 week visits in 2018 and 2019.  Much of her time was used to Educate, Equip, and Empower especially young people (high schoolers) to check blood pressure on people because a lot of them suffer from hypertension.  They are were also trained in vision testing.  She spent some time in Nepal with health officials that traveled to a remote mountainous area and set surgical rooms in a school building.  Both countries are not helpless but worked with others to better their situations.  Barb stated if you want to achieve something or climb a mountain "the path to the top is not straight, you usually don't get there alone, and be sure to enjoy the climb."  She was also working to get some college exchange students to WSC and this year there are six new ones from Ethiopia.
Jason Gehling, owner/manager of Fyre-Tec, which manufactures fire rated steel windows and is located on E. Hwy 35 in Wayne, spoke to our club on September 11.  The ex-banker and his wife recently purchased the business which originally was a spin off from the Rusco Window company in 1991.  They make the windows either 45 or 60 minute ratings.  Most of the windows are needed in certain locations in commercial buildings so they are made to look like the rest of the windows but with fire a fire rating.  They make all sizes, types, of windows that will close if and when a fire occurs.  Their main competition is or either coast so they often have a shipping advantage by being in the Midwest.  Most of their products go to large cities.  The special glass comes from Japan and the window frame material from the East Coast.  They can usually deliver their windows quicker than their competition which is a large advantage.  Their average order is four windows an average cost per window is $2100.
Jill Brodersen, Architect, gave us the history of BresslerFest at our regular club meeting on September 4.  Four years ago Jill thought it would be nice to have some type of family entertainment that was free to all.  So she came up with the idea of having some music in the park.  Now Wayne has what she envisioned.  On the 4 Sundays after Labor Day
 in Bressler Park on the "new" bandstand stage you can come to listen to various music provided by some supportive donors and Wayne County Convention Center/Visitors fund.  Do this while the kids play on the swings etc. or listen, eat food/beverages you bring or get from a food truck provided by Tacos & More.  Jill has been finding the bands, mostly local, and sound system equipment needed.  Performing this year is The Ted & Alice Miller Band on 9/8, The Nebraska Brass Band on the 15th, E-Z-B Combo on 9/22 and Stonehouse Sept. 29th.  If you enjoy music be sure to attend this nice Wayne presentation.
Brent Pollari, Women's Basketball Coach at Wayne State Colege was our speaker on August 28.  He grew up in Bozeman, MT. After working at various coaching jobs following getting is BA degree he became a grad assistant at Northern State University.  It was there he met Don Meyer.  Although assisting with the women's basketball team he would spend a lot of time watching and learning from the legendary coach.  He learned mostly how to be a servant leader.  He told a lot of examples how to do that by telling us stories about Coach Don and himself.  One of the ways he gets his girls' team members to become closer is having a session with all the team and have each tell about their heroes, hardships and highlights.  He said that brings forth a lot of laughter and tears as well.  Pollari believes a coach such as himself is there to help and serve people.  He also stated the country now seems in great need of servant leaders.
Wayne School's superintendent Mark Lenihan spoke to our club on August 21.  He has been with the school since 2009 and prior to that 4 years as principal in Battle Creek, NE.  He told us that Oswald A.(frequent Rotarator visitor to our club) this past summer was at Wayne High School doing IT.  Staff changes, new: Mark Evetovich, Asst. Wayne Elementary School Principal, Annette Chase as 6th grade teacher, Lindsey Knutson as Sr. Hi. WHS counselor, and Tucker Hight from Asst. WES Principal to WHS Principal.  Kindergarten enrollment is down this year but overall it is up.  This is the 5th year of the Wayne Schools' pre-school which is limited to 50 students and provides for those unable to attend other pre-schools.  The Wayne Schools also lend support to other pre-school providers.  He mentioned the new Kids Club after school continued learning program for K-6 students in partnership with Wayne State College.  He praised Rotary member Christian Legler for his help getting this program underway and securing a Rotary grant.  He sees enrollment for the school system to keep going up.  He said the school provides lots of opportunities during and after school in non-classroom activities.  They encourage students in Jr. Hi. to begin thinking about post secondary education and a possible career.  Toward that WSC and up to 40 local businesses accepted students to visit/job shadow for a 1//2 day to get some other career ideas.  His own non-official after WHS graduation student survey indicated about 25% went to NECC or SECC, 70% to 4 year college (large % to WSC), and 5% to military after which many went on to college.  His wife, Lisa, works at "The Table" coffee shop, son Joey works at WSC, and daughter is employed at the First National Bankcard Center.  He praised the Rotarians for their service and support to the Wayne Schools and the community.  He thinks the best thing they do is serve as good role models in service to others.
Club member Dan Rose, welcomed Rusty Ruth to our club.  Rusty transferred his Rotary Membership from Spencer, IA to Wayne. His sponsor is Geroge Burcum.  Welcome Rusty!
Our club celebrated the 2018-19 Rotary year on August 14.  Barbara Engebretsen completed her 2nd term as President of the club.  She acknowledged several members who were most helpful to her during the past year.  She was presented with a nice wooden wall plaque plus a customized Rotary bicycle for her many trips around town.  She thanked the members for giving her the opportunities she has enjoyed through Rotary.
Club members (l to r) Matt Penner, Ashley Rewinkel, Dan Rose, Gary Weddel, Barbara Engebretsen, George Burcum, Carol Dunning, Kyle Rose, Bill Engebretsen, Wilma Moore, Bob Ensz, Darrell Miller
District Governor Mick McKinley addressed our club at our regular meeting on August 7.  He told his Rotary story and what his goals are for District 5650 for the 2019-20 Rotary year.
Club member Dan Rose presented DG Mick and his wife, Jan, with several gifts to commemorate their visit to Wayne, America!
District Governor Mick McKinley and his wife Jan visited our club on August 6-7.  A potluck social was held at the home of Dan & Kyle Rose on Tuesday evening.  It was a beautiful evening for fun and fellowship!
L to R:  Sherri Prim, Assistant Governor from Norfolk, Jan McKinley, DG Mick McKinley
Several members attended the District 5650 Conference which was held July 26-27 at the Lied Lodge and Conference Center in Nebraska City, NE.  The club was honored to be recognized for several achievements for the 2018-19 Rotary year.  
Ranked #2 in the District!!
Best Youth Services Project for the Bike Fix-it Stations
Club member Dan Rose was awarded the Service Above Self Award by Rotary International.  This award is only given to 150 members worldwide!
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