Rotary Committees are now complete. Those who were not able to add their names to a committee have been now assigned. Please look for your name on the committee lists below.
Public Relations: Robb Thomas, Joyce Kirschner, and Dave Amick. Service Projects: Christine Mimick-Keller, Chris Alt, Steve Busskohl, Lance Marshall, Joyce Kirschner, Ron McKeever, Mary Whealy, John Witherspoon, Troy Wehrich, and Dave Walter. Rotary Foundation: Stan Christensen, Lisa Bertsch, Kris Winter, Keith Johnson, Rod Johnson, Dave Merritt, Chuck Olsen, and Gene Shermer. Members/Membership Development: Jan Einspahr, Connie Kube, Arif Lakha, Jim Merritt, Al Roder, Greg Sears, Patty Skokan, Robb Thomas, and Scott Zaruba. Fundraising: Dave Walter, Dale Branch, Connie Cooper, Kevin Cunningham, Mike Henn, Terry Jensen, Courtney Klein-Faust, J. Paul McIntosh, Xavier and Heather Montenegro, Terry Rassmussen, Gina Waite, Freeman Walz, and Dave Simonsen.