Donna Wolff , President of Northeast Nebraska Suicide Prevention Coalition and chairman Andres Manuel Sandoval speak to Rotary.

Started in 2010, Northeast Nebraska Suicide Prevention Coalition is a non-profit organization serving the area in the prevention, awareness, and support of suicide and provides education to the community.  

It’s mission: “AIM” (A) Awareness, (I) Prevention, and (M) Methodology - through research and education.  SOS Support Group meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at First Baptist church 404 W Benjamin Ave, Norfolk, NE 68701 at 7pm. TEXT 741741 Suicide Prevention Lifeline. There are 3 to 4 suicides/month within a 55 mile radius of Norfolk!!! 1 is too many. Suicide: is UNTREATED MENTAL ILLNESS.

Barriers for preventing suicide in our area include: 1) stigma around mental health, 2) denial.  The TALK model:  Tell, Ask, Listen, Keep Safe . There is no ONE reason for suicide, life gets hard, people isolate themselves, they may abuse multiple vices (drugs, alcohol, credit cards) vs healthy coping skills, technology is not a coping mechanism-only makes it worse. Need to talk.  Need to ask, are you thinking about suicide?