District Governor Roger Carrell discussed Rotary goals in his Nov. 8th address to Norfolk Rotary.
Roger Carrell shared Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith's goals of the 6 Areas of Growth. 1) Peace and Conflict Resolution. 2) Disease Prevention, Polio Eradication, Rotary's mission is to collect $200 million to match the Gates Matching Pledge. We currently stand at $150 million. 3) Water & Sanitation. The Zambia Project has 7 water bore holes planned for this year, each provides water for 600 people at a cost of $1500-$2000 each. Gov. Carrell is committed to providing hand sanitizers for educational use. 4) Maternal & Child Health Food Pantries. Clubs are encouraged to collect food to support local pantries. 5) Education & Literacy. Clubs are encouraged to join the program to provide personal dictionaries to 3rd- and 4th-grade students. 6)Economic & Community Development. Clubs are encouraged to build memberships to better service to local communities.