Rotary Guests: Alex Armande…-Alex has found a new home at the residence of Chris and Angela Amundson. Chris is the owner and publisher of Nebraska Life Magazine as well as three other travel publications devoted to promoting the Good Life of Nebraska. Alex shared that she attended the recent Rotary Youth confence in Tulsa, OK along with around 180 other exchange students. She said it was certain one of the highlights of her time state-side. Announcements: Don't forget the upcoming 90th Birtday party coming Tuesday, March 30th at the Times Square Event Center. Please touch base with Mary Whealy 371-6717) or Joyce Kirschner (644-4398) to make your reservations. The event will be $15 per person. Program: Nebraska Public Power District Builds a 21st Century Operations Center Larry Ahrens, Account Manager for NPPD, gave a presentation on the new NPPD facility on East Omaha Ave. This campus was built to consolidate their current five existing locations. The facility will have over 90,000 sq ft. housing the poleyard, transmission division, vehicle storage and maintenance, operations and the call center. Ahrens said the new facility is a Gold LEED building, which stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. The Campus has utilized a significant amount of recycled materials and will feature a holding pond for water us, wind turbines and solar cells. Inside the facility, Ahrens said there would be informational kiosks designed to share the story of public power, the mission of NPPD and a host of educational materials ready for access by the public and especially schools tours. According to Ahrens, the new NPPD campus will be operational in September of this year. Upcoming Programs Apr 13 2010… Scholarship winners will be presented and share some of their future plans. " Apr 27 2010…. TeamMates-"Annual celebration recognizing TeamMates mentees and mentors."