At today's meeting, guests included Dr. Tom Fennessy, a Norfolk physician, who was introduced by Christine Keller, and Byron Brogan, with the City of Madison, who was introduced by Mike Avok.

Stan Christensen asked all members to continue contacting businesses to solicit for sponsorships for Music in the Park.  If members have any questions about billing a business, they are to contact Stan.

Today's speaker was Paula Pflueger, Chairperson of the Great American Comedy Festival.  Paula shared how this event has grown over the years and mentions that volunteers are stilled needed to help with the event.  The festival will start June 17, with a magic show, and will run through June 20, with the gala event on the last night.   There are still tickets available, so we are encouraged to invite our friends.

John Schmitt read an email from Connie Kube that discussed a possible dinner to be held on May 28.  Rochelle Holm will be in Norfolk on that evening and she would like to present to Rotarians about the work she and her husband are doing in Malawi.  She manages the Mzuzu University Water and Sanitation Center, which is committed to increasing the availability and sustainability of clean water and improved sanitation in northern Malawi.  Clean water is one of Rotary's areas of focus.  Ed and Renee McClymont have offered to host a dinner for 10-11 Rotarians/spouses to hear Rochelle's story.  The time will be decided at a later date, but if anyone is interested, please let Connie know.

The meeting next Tuesday will be a club assembly to discuss ongoing club business.

Submitted by:

John Schmitt, Secretary