Matthew Headley spoke about the office of Public Defender and for his plans to improve the office.  Since he won the primary, he will assume the office for certain, unless someone mounts a write-in campaign in the general election.  Matthew’s plans are to continue to stay involved in the Norfolk community and to maintain a fully staffed office.  The public defender deals with child support issues, criminal and juvenile issues, and city offenses that may end in incarceration.  Those who are at the poverty level qualify for PD services.

Treasurer Sherri Prim presented a check for $1,000 to Philip Herman, Outreach Director at the Victory Road Evangelical Free Church in Norfolk, for his outreach work with youth in Norfolk.  These funds will be used towards outreach to kindergarten through 5th grade youth who are at or below the poverty level. They will have the opportunity to attend the Enrichment Day Camp at the church following summer school.  The t-shirts printed for this camp have the sponsor’s logos on the back, including Norfolk Rotary Club.

No one won the cash pot drawing today, which is now over $100.

Members were encouraged to pick up Music in the Park posters today and get them distributed around the area.  More posters will be available for distribution at next week’s meeting as well.

The next meeting will be on May 27 at noon with a Club Assembly on that day.  The focus will be on getting existing music in the park sponsorships signed up again and also looking for new sponsorships.  We will start our advertising for MIP in early June.  Poster distribution will be discussed.  Rotary Bucks for MIP will be awarded.  The new membership drive will continue.

Submitted by:                                                                                                                                                                                                              John Schmitt, Secretary