A club assembly was held at today’s noon meeting.  Discussion was held on how we want to continue conducting our meetings.  The general consensus is that it would be good if a different member each week spent a few minutes during lunch telling a little about themselves.  They would have at least one week’s notice when they will share.  Members would like to keep the traditions of the prayer, song, Pledge, and 4-Way Test.  We also want to keep the evening meeting in place once a month.

Discussion was held on the past year’s involvement/accomplishments:

Marched in Parade to promote Music in the Park & Support Scholarship Winners
Does the club want to do march in the parade again this year?
Changed first meeting of the month to evenings, does the club want to continue this?
Registered Norfolkrotary.com to market our club
Assigned new web address to Clubrunner to allow easier access to public and members
Started using Clubrunner more to keep members informed of goals, committees etc. (we still need to do more with this)
Used Facebook for Norfolk Rotary, Music in the Park for both group and Like page (all members should actively use these pages)
With the help of Cindy and Sherri we got the member billing fairly straightened out after several years of on and off treasurers
Had a banner made to promote our club at activities
Sponsored Chamber golf tournament to market memberships and inform golfers about our club.  Does the club want to sponsor Chamber golf tournament and participate again this year?
Purchased inflatable Rotary wheel to gain exposure at public events                                                  Promoted Mike Foley as the first evening speaker
Had several highly visible speakers including Pete Ricketts, Ben Sasse, Shane Osborne, Beau McCoy etc.
Had District Governor Jim Griesen at a special evening meeting to induct several new members
Created Fat Tuesday event to solicit sponsors and have some winter fun
Had successful speakers, Dirk Peterson etc. and invited the Young Professionals to gain exposure to Rotary
Played a part in getting new stage built
Got a Rotary International grant to build front steps to the stage and landscaping to be done this fall
Participated with Columbus and Schuyler clubs to award Scholarships to help immigrants become citizens
Celebrated these scholarships winners at Cinco de Mayo evening event
Applied for 2014-2015 grant for park or trail benches

Community donations made:
Sponsored Norfolk Philanthropy $500
Gave 5 $500 scholarships $2500
It was suggested to consider giving  these to Students going to Northeast or students of more need
Sponsored Kids camp with Victory Rd Evangelical Free Church $1000
Donated for large print books to the Norfolk Public Library $100
Approved donation to Smile program $255
Washington School PTO $700
Teammates $1000
The Zone afterschool program $350
Sponsored foreign student Shia $1300

Was mentioned in the media several times for our programs, MIP, donations made etc.
Went to reduced flat billing to encourage attendance
Started Rotary Bucks to reward members activity                                                                                              Had 1,000 new recruiting brochures printed to solicit new members
Updated Bylaws
Had a successful concert series in 2013 and the first concert in 2014 with Peace Love Etc. was off to a good start
We bring in approximately $45,000 to $50,000 for MIP and spend around $30,000 so we have extra money to support the club
Received a Pilger Tornado relief donation from Rotarian Duane Dye from California for $10,000
Donated half of MIP collections to Pilger Tornado Relief efforts. $1072.50
Voted to give the business of the year award to Vulcraft-Nucor

Things to consider for the future:
Do we want to sing, say the pledge, pray and do the 4 way test or
Should we have a new members and existing members give a brief update about their lives or career so we get to know them better?
What can we do to encourage every Rotarian to bring in a new member annually?
What interesting and educational programs can we solicit?
What activities do we want to participate in the community and how can we involve our families?
Every member have a goal to raise $1,000 per year in sponsorships from your company or other businesses                                                                                                                                                                What committees do you want to serve on?  What do you want to be involved in?
How can our club best use your time and talents?
More new Rotarians should attend Leadership training
How can we get more members to serve on boards and take leadership roles?

The next meeting will be held on July 1 at 5:30pm, with a presentation given by Jessica and Josh Moenning on what it takes to run a state wide political campaign. Jessica is a campaign advisor the Pete Ricketts campaign and owner of Bright Strategies, a public affairs consulting company.  Josh is the Policy and Communications Director for Ricketts and he also serves on the Norfolk City Council.  This meeting is being held to take the place of the one on June 3 that was postponed due to a power outage during the hail storm. The public is encouraged to attend. Please invite a guest or two.  Appetizers and a cash bar will be available.

John Schmitt, Secretary