A club assembly was held for today’s meeting.  Out-going president Stan Christensen presented President Josh Moenning with a gavel.

Discussion today centered on “Live Well”, Saturday’s event at Skyview Lake.  It is designed to get youth more focused on being active.  Rotary will have a booth in which a couple inter-active games will be promoted.  Christine Keller will also be discussing with the youth how to utilize their school backpacks without back injury.  There is still a need for a few more people to work at the Rotary booth; from 9-11am or 11am-1pm.

The last concert at Music in the Park will be held on Thursday night from         6:00-9:30pm, featuring The 402, a band from Omaha.  Help is needed from 3pm on to help put up sponsorship signs.  Also, people are needed to help pass out fliers to people coming into the park from both the north and south sides.  At about 7:30pm all members are needed to help with collecting donations with the buckets.  Members need to pick up all street signs for MIP on Friday where they will be stored in the storage shed until next year.

Ron McKeever is continuing to work on the football raffle prizes.  Proceeds for this fundraiser go towards the scholarship fund.

The next meeting will be held at 5:30pm on August 5.  The speaker will be Sen. Amanda McGill from Omaha.  She is the current Democratic nominee for State Auditor.

Submitted by:

John Schmitt, Secretary