President Josh Moenning presided over the meeting today.

Shia, our foreign exchange student from Taiwan, gave an emotional talk on her time in the United States.   She expressed how grateful she was to have had the opportunity to spend a school year in the United States.  Shia was a student at Stanton High School.  She was hosted by John and Kathy Witherspoon as well as Marty and Kevin Kinglsey.  She introduced the Witherspoons and Kinsleys, who were present, along with her “grandmother.”  Shia told about her multi-state tour of the US along with other exchange students.

Ron McKeever introduced guests Deb Copple and Vicki Hvranek.  Vicki explained the upcoming Live Well event on August 2.  John Witherspoon introduced guests Shawn Ralph and Pat Grewe of Lincoln.  Paul Erhenberger from the Schuyler Rotary Club also visited today.   

Past President Stan Christensen presented John Schmitt with a plaque for being selected as the 2013-14 Rotarian of the Year.

The third Music in the Park concert will be held this Thursday evening.  Help is needed for this event from all members.

Norfolk Rotary Club will be hosting a foreign exchange student this coming school year from Brazil.

Norfolk Rotary will have a booth at the Live Well event on Saturday, August 2.  Live Well is designed to encourage healthy lifestyles for our youth.

The next meeting will be held at noon on July 22.  Julie Pfeil and students from The Zone, will be speaking.

Submitted by:

John Schmitt, Secretary