Our monthly evening meeting was held with the program being a business leadership panel.  Panelists included Donna Herrick-owner of Divot’s Conference Center and Norfolk Lodge and Suites, Dirk Petersen-Vice President and General Manager of Nucor, and Dan Jones-owner of Bronco Connection.  Each panelist shared what they feel are the keys to being successful in business and discussed their life experiences as they came to own or run a business.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday noon, February 11, at the Time Square Event Center.  Aaron Prokopec of the Columbus Rotary Club will present grant funds to the Norfolk Club for building the stage at Skyview Lake, as well as for the Hispanic multi-club grant.  He will also discuss the Rotary International Foundation and present Paul Harris awards to members.  Please bring a guest.

Submitted by,

John Schmitt, Secretary