At the Club Assembly meeting today, discussion was held on membership incentives/reward systems.  It is felt by some of the membership that paying “Rotary Bucks” to members may be an incentive for those members to become more active.  Others feel they are not motivated by money and that “Service Above Self” should be considered as motivation enough to “Do good in our community.” 

Discussion covered whether we should keep the current dues structure with meals being charged separately, or including dues with the meals as a way to incent members to come to meetings more regularly.  A motion was made by Dave Cox to charge members $35 per month to include meals and dues.  This motion was seconded by Paul McIntosh and passed.  Liane Connelly then moved to amend the motion to send the proposal back to the Board for clarification and to present a written proposal to the club.  This amendment was seconded by Robb Thomas and passed.

The next meeting will be held at noon on April 1 with a presentation by City Librarian Jessica Chamberlain.  She will discuss the Chautauqua event in Norfolk this June.

Submitted by:

John Schmitt, Secretary