Christine offers an approach to minimize jobsite injuries.
Christine Mimick-Keller provided the club with an understanding of Fit2WRK, an approach to managing injuries in the workplace, at the September 27th meeting. The program offers multiple aspects of evaluation that appeal to employers. The Pre-Employment Screen assesses the ability of potential employees to perform work-related tasks. This early screening is useful not only for determining job fitness, but also to establish individual capabilities, such as strength of grip, before injuries occur. Such an assessment is useful in determining rehabilitation therapies should an injury occur because it provides therapists with knowledge of pre-injury status to aid them is setting goals for individual recovery. The program is also useful in providing onsite evaluations to determine occupational risks that might lead to worker injury or disability. Employers might also consider the advantage of quarterly testing to discover employee physical difficulties caused by work-related activity. Should such problems be discovered early, simple therapies would be prescribed to reduce jobsite injuries.