The monthly district assembly was held at today’s noon meeting.  Discussion centered on providing “Rotary Bucks” to members.  The Rotary Bucks System is designed as an incentive/rewards system for Rotarians to be more active in our club.  As Rotarians earn Rotary Bucks “doing good” for our club and therefore our community, they have the opportunity to “spend” the Bucks on items directly related to Rotary.  A points system was discussed whereas members would be assigned points for the level of their participation in Rotary.  Examples are:



Bring in a new member



Chair a committee




Bring a qualified prospect as a guest



Sign up a Platinum MIP sponsor

Discussion was held on having this system instated for the upcoming Rotary Year starting July 1, however, points earned for MIP sponsorships and work hours at the June event would apply.  There was also discussion on the amount of Rotary Bucks being awarded to renewed Platinum sponsors compared to a new Platinum sponsor and there is concern on how to handle multiple Rotarians engaging sponsors.  Ron McKeever thought this might be a good system to help identify a Rotarian of the Year.  Other questions came up regarding the rollover of points into the next program year and putting a cap on how many can be rolled over.  Sherri Prim said she could track the points on a spread sheet, but each member would be responsible for submitting their points to her.

J. Paul McIntosh recommended that we wait until a future meeting to vote on this system.  It was decided that the Board will clarify the policies regarding the Rotary Bucks system and will then bring it to a Membership vote at the noon meeting on May 13.

It was encouraged that Rotary events need to be “family inclusive,” which will hopefully enhance participation in activities.

The annual Rotary district meeting will be held in Lincoln on May 2-3 at the downtown Holiday Inn.

The meeting next Tuesday evening will have a Cinco de Mayo theme and will feature a Mexican food buffet and Mexican music.  Juan Sandoval will not be able to be present, but he has coordinated with Kathy Cowen of Stromsburg, NE, to give a presentation on the immigration process and a couple recipients of the Rotary immigrant scholarships will give testimonials.  Also, the scholarship recipients from the three high schools will share their future plans.

Submitted by:                                                                                                                                                                                                             John Schmitt, Secretary