Following is the info you need to fulfill your set up duties. If for any reason you decline to perform this club service, you will be required to contribute $50 by to the Paul Harris of the person who volunteers and/or is approved by the president to fulfill your assignment. If you must postpone your assignment you must locate a replacement and advise the Set Up Scheduler  of the change.


The Set Up Person needs to perform the following tasks in conjunction with our Tuesday luncheon meeting:


    Set up and take down Club paraphernalia

    Donate the raffle prize

    Lead our reverent membership in the invocation

    Write the weekly newsletter (the Observer) 


      The Raffle Prize Bring a Raffle Prize to the Meeting. Try to be creative and tasteful with the prize.  It should be useful and welcome by any member or guest of our club.


      Thought for the Day  You need to find one or two Thoughts for the Day. Be inspirational, but nonsectarian, and aware of all members and guests present. Quotes from prominent Rotarians are always welcome. Try to make statements that tell us what you are thinking and that you think would be welcome.




       Set up and take down:

A.   Arrive no later than 12 noon.

B.   The Club paraphernalia is usually put in the room by the hotel staff. If anything is missing let them know. 

C.   Hang Terra Linda Rotary Banner and either or both the "IS IT THE TRUTH?" or Four Way Test banners behind and to the side of the speaker's stand using the black stands. If a DG is visiting put up the banner with Brian's and Greg's names. Make certain the banners are straight and are hanging neatly.

D.   Place the U.S. flag to the LEFT of the speaker's stand and the bell and gavel on the speaker's podium. Hang the current year RI banner over the bell.

E.   At the end of the meeting take down and return all materials to the corner of the room where found.


  The Newsletter Bring paper and pen to the Meeting to take Observer Notes. See below for how to prepare the Observer. Our Observer is now transmitted electronically to our club members, to the District 5150 Governor, Assistant DGs and DG-Elect, to our Friends and to other Marin Rotary club presidents. 


Guide to producing the weekly Observer


1.    Download a form Observer Here.  It will serve as a reference for preparing the Observer. 


Your copy should be in plain text without columns, italics, bold, underlining, graphics or other fancy stuff.  


2.    Topical Subjects:


      AT THE GONG Comments on the pledge and your thoughts for the day and any interesting happenings after the gong but before the regular meeting starts.


      VISITING ROTARIANS AND GUESTS For Rotarians provide their name, club and classification (refer to the sign-in sheet if unsure of name, spelling, etc.) For guests, provide their name and whose guest they are.


      WHAT'S GOING ON IN THE CLUB Announcements and other information relating to club activities and events.


      MEMBER CONTRIBUTIONS Fines and Paul Harris contributions.  Include any funny quips the contributor may have made.


      SPECIAL MOMENTS Awards, honors, new members, VIPs introduced, employee of the month, etc.


      PROGRAM SUMMARY Who spoke, the topic, what you may have thought most interesting and a summary of what was said.


3.   Identify Yourself by name or nickname at the end of your reporter's write-up.


4.      Submit by E-mail to the Observer Editor, either in the body of the email message by cutting and pasting (preferable method) or as an attachment (do not send a pdf of jpg file). E-mail to 


5.   SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS 2:00 PM THURSDAY FOLLOWING THE TUESDAY MEETING. If the Observer is not submitted by that time it may not be published before the next meeting. If you do not get a confirmation of receipt or the Observer emailed to you by Thursday evening, please call (415) 456-2566 and let us know that you sent it.