One of the features of the new web site is the ability to do "Stories". Stories are short blurbs that appear on the home page and at the beginning of the emailed bulletin and can continue on to longer stories on back pages of the site. If you look on the Home page of the site ( the Observer entry and other entries in the middle of the Home Page are "Stories". This feature gives each of you a platform to notify club members of upcoming events. One director might want to say something about Membership; another might want to post a story about a Project Amigo trip or a short story about Polio Plus and how the club is doing in raising money for that. What you see on the Home page and in the emailed Observer is the Story Brief. At the end of the Story Brief is a "More..." link. Click "more..." and you go to the Story Content or the rest of the Story if there is more. Do this for the Observer Story Brief (what you see is the Story Content, or rest of the Observer).

If you want to do a Story to promote an event or let us know something about your Avenue of Service, it will appear on the web site then go out with the next Observer. To do a Story:

Log in to the site, click on Admin then on Edit Stories in the blue Website Management Box (middle left hand box), then click Add a New Story just above the top blue bar.

You will see two boxes that are for editing text, with font, color and other controls much like Word has. The top box is the Story Brief (what appears on the first page of the web site and the bulletin) so you want to put the sexy stuff there that will promote the reader to click for more content (if you have a photo that can be helpful in this box also). The lower box is for Story Content or rest of your story if it is that long.  Make sure to select yourself as the editor of the story at the bottom of the page.  CLICK SAVE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE AGE OFTEN to make sure you do not lose your story during editing.

To see how it looks go to the home page, and to edit click on Admin and then Edit Stories again.