Cancer Advocacy Group of Louisiana
Jun 16, 2021
Julie Stokes
Cancer Advocacy Group of Louisiana

Julie Stokes is CEO of Flame Consulting, CFO of Stokes & Associates, Founder of Ellevate
Louisiana and Co-Founder of the Cancer Advocacy Group of Louisiana. She is a CPA, a
nonpartisan policy advocate, a civic leader, speaker, and recovering state legislator.
Over her seven years of service in the Louisiana Legislature, Julie Stokes gained a reputation as
a passionate advocate for comprehensive, non-partisan fiscal policy. Leaving public life behind
in 2020, she has opened Flame Consulting to continue supporting projects that she is
passionate about.
Through Flame Consulting, Julie founded Ellevate Louisiana. Ellevate Louisiana’s purpose is to
empower women leaders throughout Louisiana by connecting and educating them on the
challenges impacting our State with data-driven, non-partisan solutions to make a better future
for Louisiana. Similarly, Julie also co-founded the Cancer Advocacy Group of Louisiana to
advocate for legislation promoting a high standard for patient care in the State of Louisiana.
CAG-LA was successful in crafting and advocating for legislation in 2020 and is currently
planning its agenda for 2021.
Julie also serves as CFO of Stokes & Associates, where she provides the financial leadership that
has grown the company from two employees in 1998 to well nearly forty employees today. She
resides in Kenner with her husband Larry and their two children, Brandon and Taylor.