Apr 11, 2018
Akili Franklin, Joseph Duke, Clancy DuBos/Media
Is fake news real or TRUMP HYPE?/panel discussion

Akili Franklin is news director at WDSU TV where she has successfully moved the NBC affiliate into first place in several news time periods.  Prior to being named news director of WDSU in Jan 2016 she was assistant news director at WVTM in Birmingham, Al.  She has also worked as news producer for stations in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Greenville, N.C.

Joe Duke is a former news director, with a national reputation that spans from Louisiana to Texas and New York, where he was hired as head of the CBS network news channel for affiliate stations across the country.  Mr. Duke is an award winning photographer and reporter, and currently a professor of journalism at Loyola University, after resting from CBS news several years ago.

Clancy Dubos, until a few days ago along with his wife Margo, was co-owner of Gambit Magazine. Clancy will continue as editorial writer for the publication.  He is also political analyst and editorialist for WWL TV.  A veteran of both newspaper and television, Clancy has over 40 years as a journalist.  He is also an accomplished lawyer.