New Orleans, LA
United States of America

We sincerely hope volunteers from your Rotary Club will join ours at the ROTARY-HABITAT WORKDAY on Saturday, October 26, 2019.  The WORKDAY is scheduled for 8 AM to 4 PM.  Rotary Club Of Metairie (RCOM) will provide box lunches.

NOTE:  New Orleans Area HABITAT for Humanity (NOAHH) will identity the specific family and worksite at least one week ahead of the WORKDAY on October 26.  The worksite will be a HABITAT property in one of the neighborhoods served by NOAHH in New Orleans.  NOAHH will shepherd the entire process. This includes:  choosing and preparing the worksite; making and coordinating volunteer work assignments; ensuring necessary worksite supervision and safety; and, providing all tools and materials (including gloves!). 


Clif Rhodes

RCOM Service Chairperson

Email:  clifton031643@yahoo.com

Mobile:  952-994-7345