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New Orleans, LA
Esperanza Charter School
4407 S. Carrollton Ave
New Orleans, LA  70119
United States of America

Rotary of New Orleans is signed up for:


A Junior Achievement Day

(business and economics, for elementary students)

Esperanza Charter School- Wednesday, November 28th,


13 classes in need of volunteers, K-8th grade (2 classes each grade).  this could be up to 26 volunteers. Each class

13 open classes at Esperanza on November 28th! Each class needs at least one volunteer, but volunteers are welcome to teach in pairs (so, if all volunteers were to pair up, you all would be securing 26 volunteers in total). Also, some individuals may feel more comfortable about going into classrooms solo than others. So, it is certainly an option for some volunteers to teach solo and for others to teach in pairs. It’s at you all’s discretion!


The following video gives volunteer, teacher, and student insight into the JA Day experience: JA Day-Volunteer Experience. The following link provides an in-depth description of all JA Day programs, kindergarten-12th grade, and provide an overview of the types of lessons that volunteers will introduce to students: Junior Achievement Programs. Esperanza has the following number of classes available for each grade (perhaps, volunteers may a preference as to which grade they’d like to teach):



A group volunteer training would be scheduled for November 14th at 11am  prior to the Rotary Club meeting.