Contact: Susan Simon
New Orleans, LA
The Stadium Club at Manning's Restaurant
519 Fulton St.
New Orleans, LA  70130
United States of America

Susan Simon has asked that we meet after the lunch on the 21st to brainstorm on her idea that she shared with us previously:

Based on our limitation as a volunteer organization and the fact that we have no mobilization or storage, I thought we could adopt a scaled down function of helping our own Rotarians and Interactors by offering items that would be needed if they suffer a personal disaster. (fire, flood and other acts of nature)

This would extend to employees and families of Rotarians if there is a need.  Of course we would need to set up a hotline of some sort and have items available like water, clothing, blankets maybe some vouchers for a hotel or motel night stay.  (and anything else that we can think of).

Let’s see if we can come up with a way to operationalize it in an hour’s time.