Posted by Peter Roaf on Nov 20, 2018
Wine Specialist, Sheldon Starrett, who recently joined Ladner Rotary, was born in Richmond, grew up in Ladner and finished his school years in Chilliwack. Having studied political science at KPU and then the University of Victoria, Sheldon joined the Progressive Conservative Party at a young age. His interest in politics took him to Ottawa where he served a term as a parliamentary intern. He has completed the first three levels of study through the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

Sheldon has taken the French wine scholar program and the Italian wine version and perhaps may study to become a sommelier.

He said he was drawn to the $200 to $300 billion wine industry because it is a field which brings people together, but also represents the people who work hard in the fields, produce the wines then market and serve them.

China is a now a wine producing country which has huge future market potential.

Climate change is affecting the wine industry because of changes in access to irrigation and climate in many regions.