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Please be advised that the theme for the July 15 club meeting will be HAWAIIAN SHIRTS. Whether attending in-person or via Zoom, wear your best Hawaiian shirt...or next best attire!
Adding impact to the first hybrid in-person/virtual meeting of Sycamore Rotary since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic (see photos at bottom of newsletter), Sara Schairer, founder and executive director of “Compassion It”, gave her featured speaker presentation from her base in California.  “Compassion It” is a non-profit organization with a global following seeking to promote a sense of freedom from suffering for all.  Founded at a time when Schairer herself was going through some rough personal times, she says she was seeking that “feel good” glow that comes from demonstrating and receiving compassion.  She began promoting “compassion” through bumper stickers, T-shirts, and ultimately a double-sided wrist band that can be flipped when delivering an act of compassion.  The wrist band went “viral” on social media eventually finding advocates throughout the United States and in 50 different countries on six continents.  More than 160,000 wrist bands have now been distributed.  This led her to coursework at Stanford University and her certification as a facilitator in Compassion Training. 
Schairer took Rotarians through an exercise of “feeling” compassionate.  It provoked sensitivity outcomes such as peace, calm, and warmth.  She also asked members to think about how they perceive people differently such as children, the elderly, nurses, teachers, lawyers, politicians, inmates, and dictators.  Regardless, of power, status, competence, or even disdain, Schairer suggested that compassion for all is a way to overcome biases and negativity.  More details are available at her organization’s web site:  Schairer was invited to speak by her cousin, Rotarian Jeff Jacobson. 
Born: July 7, 1940 (Blytheville, AR); Died: July 3, 2020 (Madison, WI)

Service, love and kindness to others was the way George F. Beasley lived and how he shall be remembered by many for years to come.

Born July 7, 1940 in Blytheville, Arkansas, George Franklin was the son of Herbert Lee Beasley and Abby "Ruby" Louise Beasley (neé Myer). Working in the cotton fields by the age of three, George recognized the value of hard work and helping others in his community to support their families and still find time to enjoy life and each other. George died on July 3, 2020 at 6:20 a.m. in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife, Nancy, and children by his side.
The newest member of Sycamore Rotary is Steve Wilder.  He is the new Superintendent of Schools for Sycamore District 427.  He previously served as Superintendent of Knoxville, Illinois schools  Steve is no stranger to Rotary having been a member and past president of the Galesburg club.  Steve brought his wife, Michelle, with him to Wednesday’s meeting.  They are the parents of four children.
July 5, 1810 – Promoter and Showman P. T. Barnum is born in Bethel, Connecticut.
July 7, 1906 – Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Leroy (Satchel) Paige is born in Mobile, Alabama.  Following a career in the Negro Leagues, at age 42, he becomes the first African American pitcher in the American League and is part of the World Series winning Cleveland Indians team.
July 10, 1943 – Tennis Star Arthur Ashe is born in Richmond, Virginia.  He wins 33 titles including the U. S. men’s singles and U. S. open in 1968  and the men’s singles at Wimbledon in 1975.
July 11, 1767 – Sixth U. S. President John Quincy Adams (the son of Second President John Adams) is born in Braintree, Massachusetts.
July 6, 1885 – Dr. Louis Pasteur gave the first successful anti-rabies inoculation to a youngster who was bitten by an infected dog.
July 7, 1895 – President William McKinley signed a resolution annexing Hawaii (which had to wait for statehood until 1959).
July 7, 1930 – Construction begins on Hoover Dam.  Over the next five years approximately 21,000 people would be employed to build it.
July 11, 1804 – Vice President Aaron Burr fatally shoots his long-time political antagonist Alexander Hamilton during a duel in Weehawken, New Jersey.