Terry Duperon didn't follow a traditional pathway on his way to  becoming the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Duperon Adaptive Technology.  As a child, Terry struggled with Dyslexia. School became so humiliating, he eventually dropped out of school.  Growing up on a farm provided Terry with an opportunity to pursue his passion, one which involved tinkering with farm equipment and dreaming about being an inventor.  Despite not being able to read and write, Terry was able to persevere and follow his dreams.  
Today, the Duperon Corporation, is an international company that designs, develops and manufactures liquids/solids separation equipment for dams, pumpstations, wastewater and other industrial applications. His four decades in business led Terry to develop a non-traditional approach to viewing opportunity and the development of Duperon Education, a curriculum born of his experiences with invention and innovation at Duperon Corporation. The curriculum encompasses basic entrepreneurial skills that anyone can use.   Terry is the holder of five patents.  He has taught entrepreneurial skills to senior engineers at local universities and is the author of A Different Ability and Dare to Be Different.

Terry left us with this sound advice;  Run with What You Got, Not with What You're Not!