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My Apologies for the tardiness of this Bulletin. 
I totally forgot about it on Sunday evening.  Thankfully I did not forget our Anniversary, so my excuse is that I was busy preparing dinner for my amazing wife!
Hopefully the Sheriff will go easy on me. smiley
Greetings Rotarians;
Our Board Meeting on Thursday shared some very interesting facts:
  • Our Rotary Club of Kelowna is approaching our 90th anniversary this June!
  • With our inductions on Tuesday will be welcoming our 98th member!
  • With many hands we continue in Making A Difference, both locally and abroad.
In the coming months we have our Big Bike Ride and ProAm, along with several socials and Firesides and other Rotary events.  There are two new fundraisers being planned, along with the continued efforts of all who keep our weekly meetings organized and exciting and delivered smoothly.  I wish to extend my continued thanks to all of you for your contributions through Rotary.
One other item: are you aware of the partnership announced between Rotary International and Habitat For Humanity? ?  A great organization and their Okanagan chapter continues to do great work, so we will have them come and share in early June, but consider our opportunity to assist in giving families and individuals in need of a hand up to build or improve a place they can call home.
All the best,
Q:What is out on the lawn all summer and is Irish?
A: Paddy O'Furniture
Q: What do you call a fake stone in Ireland?
A: A sham rock.
Q: Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day?
A: Regular rocks are too heavy.
Hello! I really appreciate that many of you have reach out to me
to say you want to join the Team for this great event.
BUT...I need you to register thru the link below
The Rotary Club of Kelowna
“Tour de Kelowna”
on the Heart & Stroke Big Bike will be
May 4th at 16:00.
Remember only 29 seats and we have over 80 members!
Please join us for this Fun Event!
Please contact me with any questions.
Thank you
Guy Auger
Looking for the right opportunity to volunteer and step up while optimizing your time/effort?  Our Greeters Committee is for you.
Membership surveys have long hailed the efforts of the Greeter as the Face of Rotary in welcoming members and guests to the meeting.  It's a noble and respected profession that Makes a Difference to all who cross our threshold.  Besides, you are coming to the meeting anyways, what better way to greet and get to know (we're all wearing nametags at this point) all of our members and network/sweet talk/coerce everyone who comes to see you.
Please consider this your best opportunity to get involved.  Reach out to Randy McBride or James Kay to volunteer - every 4-6 weeks you get a chance to meet/greet every Rotarian and Guest.
Many thanks,
Well Done Rotarians!
Thank you to all hosts, guests, and our supreme event organizer Ms. Jaime Briggs for another amazing Guess Who's Coming To Dinner! 
33 people partook, amazing fun and friendship all around.
We look forward to hearing all kinds of stories, and for getting the next date in our Calendar!

Our Club has an amazing history of Making A Difference in our community, and one of the powerful tools we have is in the donation of a large amount of money to a local Major Project.  Recent years include: COFood Bank ($25k, 2018), Foundry (KGH, $25k, 2017), Rotary Kitchen (Freedom’s Door, $76k, 2016), Recognition within Trades Building (OC, $75k, 2014-16), Neuro-Navigational Surgical Device (KGH, $75k, 2012-14).  Historical Greats include: Rotary Centennial House (NOW Canada, $80k, 2003), Rotary Centre for the Arts (2001), Southern Interior Rotary Lodge (Canadian Cancer Society, $1.2m, 1998), Rotary Marshes (1995), Rotary Beach, and of course Pleasantvale Homes.  The list is long and distinguished.  Some projects require multi-year commitments or partnership with other Clubs and/or Organizations to get completed. 

In my short time with Rotary I have seen Club Presidents and their Boards prioritize saving towards a Major Project with a $25k/year donation to our Foundation to someday achieve a big, visible, naming opportunity.  I saw one President/Board forego a Major Project in his year so that we would not be committing to a project in Fall in advance of having the proceeds from the tournament next Spring.  There is great debate within the Membership about whether a Major Project is $25k, or whether our $25k/year goes towards a larger Major Project, but that is up to the will of the Club.

Enter the Major Project Selection Committee.  Two years ago, under the vision of then-President John McIntyre, he set about to establish an accountable, transparent and thorough process to engage our membership, evaluate the areas of greatest need, and report to the Club on a recommendation.  That inaugural Committee, Fall 2015, selected the Rotary Kitchen at Freedom’s Door for $76k such that it was known and available for promotion at the 2016 ProAm.  Each committee aspires to complete their assessment and deliver a recommendation by late Fall so that promotion can take place and grants can be sought through the Winter/Spring.  Some of the amazing initiatives considered over the three Selection Processes include:

2015/16– Rotary Kitchen (Freedom’s Door), Glenmore Clubhouse (NOW/EFry/WKS); Giving Giggles Campaign (KGH), Trailer & Tools (Habitat for Humanity), Trades Literacy Campaign (OC), New Van (Salvation Army), Classroom & Counselling Room Reno (Teen Challenge), Bereavement Centre (COHA), Children’s Literacy (YMCA/SD23), AquaZone (YMCA), Rail Trail (City of Kelowna), Rotary Centennial House Roof (NOW), New Building (COFoodBank), Kelowna Pharmacare Assist Program (CCS), Glenrosa Childcare Centre (YMCA).

2016/17 – Foundry (KGH), Silver Lake Camp, SD23, Salvation Army, Kelowna Museum, Okanagan Boys & Girls Club, Willow Child & Youth Advocacy Centre.

2017/18 - Central Okanagan Food Bank, Silver Lake Camp, JoeAnna’s House, Kelowna Foundation Child Advocacy Centre.  (Only Top 4 Listed)

The 2018/2019 approach to donations/spending/savings/major project truly belongs to the incoming Board of Directors and the budget it wishes to present to the Club.  The budget must balance Donations, World Community Service, Foundation Donation, and/or Major Project Selection, which often are four equally deserving components of our Rotary Giving.  Their challenge is difficult and for the coming year we have already heard from several worthy causes in our community: BC Cancer and the PET CT Scanner, JoeAnna’s House and the potential Rotary Garden, not to mention the under-publicized but highly beneficial partnership in October 2017 between Rotary International and Habitat for Humanity to facilitate collaboration to improve access to safe and affordable housing across the globe – their Okanagan Builds could use our help.

If you have read this far, thank you, I appreciate your engagement in this process.  The Major Project Selection process has been undertaken three times within our Club, remarkably successfully by most accounts.  The Club has decisions to make about what constitutes a Major Project, how often can we do them, and how do we select them.  $25k+ is a significant sum of money, and as our funds all come from the generosity of our donors and sponsors to the Pro Am Golf Tournament, our stewardship of these funds deserves our full wisdom, discretion, and vision. 

Good Times Had By All!
Andrea Shaw and Rochelle Noren took Andrew & Karl, two Freedom Door students, to Big White as part of the Friday night ski program.  Everyone had a blast and looking forward to the next trip!



Carole Paradis, our long-time Rotarian friend and colleague, and secretary for our Pleasantvale Homes Society, passed away February 16 in the morning according to her son Rick.  Carole was a generous, self-sacrificing and giving person, who exemplified the ideals of Rotary.   She seemed happiest when giving of herself for others.  Carole was such a hard worker for so many groups in our community and will truly be missed.


 There will be a celebration of Carole's life sometime in April.

The VERY BEST Rotary training opportunity is upon us.  Please consider registering and joining John Walker and Sandy Ketler for an exceptional and thorough detailing of all aspects of Rotary!

The RLI team is pleased to announce that we've nailed down a venue for the upcoming RLI courses: The Coast Capri Hotel in Kelowna. 

RLI is a great way for new members to become more educated, engaged, and aware of the great things Rotary does, and the ways they can contribute.  It's also an excellent way for longer serving members to reacquaint themselves with the various programs in Rotary, learn about how the organization has changed in recent years, and to add their wisdom to the body of knowledge created in the RLI sessions. 

When: March 24, April 7, April 21

Where: The Coast Capri Hotel (1171 Harvey Ave, Kelowna) 

Why: To build friendships and acquire knowledge about Rotary.

Who: All Rotarians, no matter how long they've been in Rotary.

How much: To help cover costs, RLI costs $85 per person per day.  The district is currently covering half the fees, so 1 day is $42.50, 2 days are $85.00, and 3 days are $127.50.  payments can be made either by credit card or cheque.


To register or modify your registration, please click on this link: Register/Modify Registration 
Greetings Rotarians;
Lenetta and Angela are so proud to introduce our Club's Miss Kelowna Lady of the Lake Candidate, Ms. Chloe Kang!  Chloe is a Grade 11 student at KSS.
The Lady of the Lake is a young woman who has a personal presence that leaves a favourable and lasting impression. She has the integrity to meet anyone in an honest and genuine manner, the self assurance and judgement to converse intelligently, the finesse to meet dignitaries in any social setting, the natural warmth and grace of a young lady, as well as the intelligence, and excellent public speaking skills.  Combined with the fact that she has an awareness of herself as an individual, and you have the young woman who is the Ambassador of Kelowna.
Best of Luck Chloe!
Welcome to our Newest Rotarians!
Just a reminder that you became members of the Rotary Club of Kelowna when your membership was approved.  However, we look forward to officially welcoming you in our Induction Ceremony.  Please feel free to invite a significant other or colleague to share this key moment.
Kim Dorcas, Membership Chair, wrote: 


Good Morning everyone.  Just a heads up that we are planning an induction ceremony for March 6th.  Please mark this on your calendar and try to attend.  



We received confirmation last week that all of the hard work and effort from Patricia Ainslie and our Club's International Committee has resulted in the successful deployment of 40 Chromebooks to the Los Patojos School in Guatemala.  We are thrilled for the outcome, thank you all for your contributions and another successful project!
Well done.
As you may recall, in October our Club received a request from Shelters International Disaster Response Society with a 58,000lbs shipment of Gleaners food product donated to them but no funds to deploy: Carol Eamer took up the cause, solicited inter-Club support at the Fall Assembly, we jointly raised $6,700, and got the food en route December 1.  I'm thrilled to report that as of last week, 3 pallets were delivered to Jacmel Haiti, and others in the north of Haiti hit by Irma.  They are feeding schools and birthing clinics and farmers.  The rest should be in Puerto Rico this week.
Thank you for all you have done!
If you weren't able to join us last week, it was another fabulous Christmas party for the books - a huge thank you to Jaime Briggs, Stuart Dickson and all who organized this great event! There was a ton of fun, some good laughs and great carols; we even spoke with AJ and Alex! Here is the link to our Facebook photo album of the party: Facebook Christmas Party Photos, 2017
Thank you to all of our Rotary members who have generously donated your time to help with the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign. Below is a calendar of the shifts, along with instructions for those helping:
If you are the first shift of the day:
  • Customer Service Desk of the retail store location is the holder of the bubble and supplies
  • Each succeeding kettle bell ringer gives the password to relieve the previous shift. If the previous shift was not filled, the bubble will be with the bubble holder assigned to that location
  • Should the next shift not report for duty, please take the bubble off the stand, ensure that it is placed in the cloth bag provided (for your security), and take the bubble back to Customer Service
  • If you need to leave the kettle for any reason, please return the bubble to the bubble holder at the location
This procedure is done at the end of the day as well.
Greetings Rotarians;
This month we are highlighting Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation and all the benefits that come from being Rotary.  With great power comes great responsibility.  I challenge each Rotarian to undertake this quick homework assignment and see all that RI has to offer:
First, visit  This is our club website listing upcoming speakers, events, club activities etc.  No excuse for not joining the next Fireside, After 5, or Rotary at Work project; nor inviting a colleague who may be interested in the next speaker.  Please review and see who our speakers for December 19 will be.
Second, click on Member Area in the top right, and sign-in.  I can see that 45% of our Club has logged in in the last month, and 74% in the last 6 months.  Pretty good.  I challenge everyone to login this month!  Check out Organization, then Committees, and select from the 64 active committees we have working to Make a Difference.  Choose one or two, and reach out to the Chair to offer to get involved!
Third, our main outward-facing Social Media is our Facebook Page.  Please visit, like, share, or select "Going" to an upcoming meeting, After 5, or Rotary At Work project.  We have had great success in this area this year, but more help is needed.
Fourth, please visit our District Page: learn about Prosser in May or Toronto in June, and keep an eye on conferences and training - some amazing work at the District level.  We are one of 57 clubs in the District and 2,760 Rotarians all pulling together.  Leadership is the key - can you name the incoming District Governor Nominee (2019-2020)?  Hint - Past President and Active Leader in our Club!
Finally, please visit the Rotary International page: view a video, learn about what's going on, then login and click Profile, then Donor History Report.  See your contributions to The Rotary Foundation and consider becoming a Sustaining Donor: monthly contributions; or Bequest Society: donation in your will -  - 91% of funds are spent directly on programs.  
Rotarians, we are part of a worldwide network doing exceptional work across the Globe.  1.2m of us pulling together.  Together we are THIS CLOSE to Ending Polio.  We undertake projects worldwide.  The key is knowing where to look and how to access the information.  Please do your homework and there will be a quiz next week.
All the best in Rotary,
This email was received from John McIntyre on Friday, Nov. 17, and is an update from our members in India:
We have now been in India for about 11 days.  We were hosted by the Amreli Rotary Club for three days and toured many projects.  The current Global Grant project, Chital School improvement is almost finished.  About 400 students and many parents attended two days of celebrations and it was amazing to see the happiness this has brought to this community.
After a 3 hour drive, 1 hour flight and 6 more hours on the bus and we arrived at the Rotary Club of Chalisgaon.  The next day we made the 2 hour drive over very rough roads to the Global Grant project in a small remote community.  As we entered town the road was lined with hundreds of smiling faced children and many parents.  300 toilet blocks and education agreements with each family will make a huge difference to the hygiene of this community.  Again a fabulous program focused on hygiene education took place in front of a packed house.
After two and a half days of driving we are about to arrive at our third Rotary Club Ichalkaranji.
Murli, John, Susan, Chuck, Diane, Patricia, Raghwa, Sarita, Vivian and Keith.

Hi Rotary Friends. 


On our November 28 meeting, we will, once again, be holding the highlight of the year ... and what you all have been waiting for ... our Annual General Meeting.  Don’t forget to bring your friends.

I will be touching on last year’s club accomplishments (I might even tell a joke!) while our extremely likable and competent treasurer, Dick Dummond, will no doubt stun us with his financial wizardry pertaining to  both last year and looking ahead.


As a club member, you will have an opportunity to cast your votes for those lucky souls who get to sit on the board for the upcoming Rotary year of 2018/19, under the very capable leadership of President Raghwa Gopal (first to say it).


If you have an interest in being on the board, please contact me, as it is not too early to start thinking about July of next year when our new board will begin guiding us toward even bigger and better things.  Seriously ... being a board member is of great value to the club, and thus has its own reward.  Be prepared to commit to meet once a month for one or two hours, and, preferably, to offer your services for longer than the one year commitment, and to have some fun doing so.


Lastly, if you are a current director, many thanks for your board and committee work.  If you are not intending to stay on for 2018/19, please let me know immediately so we can begin the process of finding a successor


Thanks.  A strong board leads to a strong club!


Past President Rick Potter

The Rotary Club of Kelowna Annual Albert Baldeo Bocce tourney was a great day! Congrats to the winners Dennis & Susan. Too bad Dave & Maureen, you came so close! Doug, where did you find those shorts? Thanks again to Biil and Jean for hosting.
The Miss Kelowna Lady of the Lake pageant was held on July 14th and as always, it was a spectacular evening of wonderful performances, evening gowns and impromptu speeches answering the question "What does it mean to you to be Canadian?" Very fitting since the entire evening centred around a Canada 150 theme.  The ladies all did a spectacular job and our very own candidate, Brenda Millard, received a $250 bursary for the Lady of the Lake award which was given to the individual who displayed the most growth through the process.  I can attest to the fact that she truly deserved that acknowledgement.  Brenda did an amazing job and I know it was a great experience for her. Congratulations Brenda!
March 2018
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Malcolm Metcalfe
Mar 27, 2018
Jacqueline Gabelhouse
Apr 03, 2018
Paul van Donkelaar/Keith Culver
Apr 10, 2018
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