International Service
International Service exemplifies our global reach in promoting peace and understanding. We support this service avenue by sponsoring or volunteering on international projects, seeking partners abroad, and more.
Director:  Jeanine Gangeness
Rotary Scholarships
Works with the combined Public Relations Rochester Rotary (PURR) Committee to inform members and the community about the availability of Peace Scholarships and Global Grant scholarships, available through District 5960. Three club representation.  
Chair:  Lori Carrell
Members:  Sam Beyers (PR), seeking additional support for this work. 
Historical support:  Karel Weigel, Alison Good 
Group Study Exchange Team
Coordinates both inbound and outbound cultural and vocational exchange opportunities for young business and professional men and women. Communicates with interested candidates. Helps coordinate hosting a GSE team in Rochester, if approved by the Board. 
Chair:  Vacant
Rotary International Foundation
Educates members regarding the work of the Foundation and encourage donations toward the club’s annual goal in giving and “Every Rotarian Every Year.” This role is the responsibility of the Rotary Past President. Recognizes Rotarians at the club meetings for eligible gifts to The Rotary International Foundation.
Chair:  Stacey Vanden Heuvel
Youth Exchange
Coordinates the youth exchange program in cooperation with Rotary Risers and Greater Rochester Rotary. This committee coordinates all aspects of the youth exchange program. International Service Director serves on this committee.
Officers:  Jennifer Driesch and Scott Lemke
Rochester Rotary Risers:  Briana Berg (counselor in training)
Greater Rochester Rotary:  Alan Hansen
The Rotary Club of Rochester:  Colin Aldis, Vicki Allen (counselor), Danny Garcia, Samantha Rother, Melody Trimble
Rotary Clubs of Rochester World Community Service
Rotarians from Rochester Rotary Risers, Greater Rotary Rochester, The Rotary Club of Rochester work jointly to establish spending plans for grants (District and Global). Grants may be generated within this committee or from other clubs requesting funding for their grants. Team meets monthly and as needed.
Chair:  Mike Neumann
Current team members: 
Rochester Rotary Risers:  Mike Neumann*, Joanne Rosener
Greater Rotary Rochester: Don Fell, Melissa Schmid
The Rotary Club of Rochester: Peggy Elliott, Rick Lein, Judy O’Fallon, Ashok Patel