STRIVE is a program for high school seniors who have faced some academic challenges but want to make the most of their last year of high school.
Students who choose to participate in STRIVE are matched with an adult mentor from one of the Rochester Rotary Clubs or community. Mentors are not tutors but are there to offer support, encouragement, and assistance. Students and mentors meet once a month for about 50 minutes during the school day and talk about how school is going and what their plans are for the future. Meetings also include presentations on topics relevant to life after high school - college, careers, finances, etc. The goal is for students to improve their grades, and scholarships are awarded to those who show the most improvement in their GPA during the first three quarters of the school year.
The STRIVE program, initiated by Rochester Rotary II (now Greater Rochester Rotary) in 1999, invites academically challenged high school seniors to participate in a post-high school-focused mentoring program. The program was introduced to Greater Rochester Rotary when officers in the club saw a presentation about Waseca Rotary's success with STRIVE. Rotary approached John Marshall High School about the program, and the program in Rochester was born. The 1999-2000 STRIVE Program at John Marshall was highly successful. In 2000, Rotary in Rochester decided to initiate the program with Mayo High School and, in 2004, began a program at Century High School.
STRIVE meets at the following high schools on the second Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of each month from October to May of each school year.
  • Rochester Alternative Learning Center - Tuesday 10:00 am
  • Century High School - Wednesday 8:10 am
  • Mayo High School - Wednesday 10:00 am
  • John Marshall High School - Thursday 9:05 am